365 days of albums.

The idea started when my father in – law commented on my modest collection of albums (100 CD’s, 50 LP’s, 200 digital albums) and said in an unbelieving tone: “You haven’t actually listened to all those have you?” To which I responded: “Not only have I listened to these albums, I know most of them quite intimately like a good friend or a cherished memory.” I may not have said that last hokey bit, but you get the picture. This continued conversation led me to say that I was still not listening to enough music. I stated that if I listened to an album a day for the rest of my life, I would only be scratching the surface. Then I thought, well maybe I should get scratching. Since this convo, I have been compiling quite a list of albums that I plan to delve into as I start 365 days of albums, in which I listen to a new album (new to me) every day.

Just to be clear, a new album for me could be a Kinks album from the 70’s. It’s new if I haven’t heard it in its entirety as an album. Same goes for an album that I may have already heard a majority of. Again, if I haven’t intensely listened to an entire album from start to finish, it could end up on this list.

To truly listen to new material daily I plan to borrow, stream, buy and, yes, illegally download albums. I will, as I have always done, eventually buy albums that I have downloaded if I truly love them and want them in my collection. I avidly support musicians (especially independent ones).  As a musician, I think it is fair to “steal” music with an intention of purchase or support down the road. For instance, I’d be overjoyed if someone downloaded my album for free but either: a) eventually bought the album, b) came out to a show or c) simply spread the good word.

This endeavour is just an attempt to listen to as much music as I can throughout my life. I’m influenced and inspired by other songs and musicians and I am truly excited to begin this journey…

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