# 1. Richard LaViolette and the Oil Spills: All of Your Raw Materials

I expect this is going to happen quite a bit: I have my week of albums pre-planned out and then I go buy a brand new album that I want to listen to right away and it takes precedent over the others. (Last night I purchased an album by Halifax based “Cousins,” which after the show I can’t wait to listen to so I may do so tomorrow or the next day). Also, the other day,  I ventured down to “Thunder and Lightning”  (yes, that’s a name of a shop in Sackville. Just one of the reasons the town I live in is awesome). Anyways, the gentlemen there are major music fans and important supporters of Canada’s amazing and abundant music scene. Between these guys they run Sappyfest, Pigeon Row Publicity, among other things, and bring the best bands and artists touring Canada to this small town. They endorse the shit out of a small record label based out of Welland, Ontario called You’ve Changed Records and I have to say I’ve truly loved everything I’ve heard from them thus far. Dan Romano, The Weather Station, Shotgun Jimmie are just a few of the artists holed up on this label and their respective albums  are quite beautiful. Dan Romano’s newest release, “Sleep Beneath the Willow” is probably the best album I’ve heard all year. So, needless to say, I’m overjoyed to start my 365 days of albums with another “You’ve Changed” band.

Let’s do this.

Wow. What an opener. I’m in love all over again.  A kitchen party assortment of instruments with thoughtful and insightful lyrics. Wonderful arrangements and warm feelings. I want to be at this party. I want to be in this band. The best side of a record  I’ve heard in a while. “I’ve got my heart. You’ve got your heart too.”

“Long extinct” – I love these words. I want to write a song around them…

Interestingly enough, I’m noticing that Mathias Kom sings and plays ukulele on the album. Mathias is the songwriter for another great band, The Burning Hell.  Based partly out of my old stomping grounds in St. John’s, The Burning Hell contain two friends and amazing musicians; Alison Corbett and Darren Brown. Wonderful people and outstanding musicians, I thoroughly look forward to listening to some of their work over the next year.

The musicianship on this album is impressive. The pedal steel work, the jangly piano playing and mandolin pickings stand out especially. I find it amazing that this was recorded live off the floor in only a couple of days. I love this album. I’m glad to have started out this project on such a high note, having discovered a great new band and an album that I will always listen to.

Highlights: “Snuck Right Up” and “Funeral Song

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