# 7. Kid Kudi: Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day

Kid Kudi gets to hold the title for the first rap album on the 365 days.  Before I start, it’s worth noting that I was a pretty big rap fan throughout highschool.  Highschool: when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you like, including what you like musically.  I was still listening to Pearl Jam, Neil Young, The Beatles and CCR (among others), but they competed heavily with Eminem, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G.  (For anyone actually using these external links, you’ll come to realize that I consider wikipedia the best treasure trove of information on the internet).

People who know me today may be surprised by this “rap phase”, but I like to think I’m pretty wide open musically.  Although these days, I definitely gravitate towards music that’s being produced in the indie music world I exist in.  It doesn’t mean, however, that I should dismiss every genre of music like I might have done in my snobby university years.  I will admit that throughout the 365 days I will primarily be listening to what I want to listen to, but I will take suggestions from others and mix it up here and there in an effort to keep things fresh.

This is where Kid Kudi comes in.  Again, recommended by my brother in-law, the album has definitely grabbed me with its movie like presentation and narrative approach.  I also like that he’s not stereotypically talking about money, success and women (although he gets a few lines in there throughout the album).  On the other hand, it is a narcissistic evaluation of his life, rather than a commentary on anything of importance outside of his own life (not that all music has to accomplish this). I can relate to some of what Kudi talks about but I’ll leave it to people to guess exactly what we have in common.

There are standout tracks on the album that I immediately liked while others are droning and boring in comparison. The production quality is great and while I am trying to unbiasedly write this, I can’t wait for the next album, which will drop me back into my musical comfort zone.

Highlights:  “Soundtrack 2 My Life”       “Day N Nite (Nightmare)

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