# 9. Al Tuck: Under Your Shadow

I had heard this gentleman’s name tossed around in music circles for years now, but it wasn’t until last year when his greatest hits compilation came out that I decided to give Al Tuck a try.  I was immediately impressed and compelled to hear the albums that these songs originated from. I had dabbled on the internet hearing snippets of songs and reading praise of Al from critics and musicians, but I still hadn’t dove in for a full album listen.  I do listen to a lot of music, so Mr. Tuck escaped my mind for awhile over the past year. Then I stumbled upon a link to his bandcamp page promoting his new album, Under Your Shadow.  I listened to the first couple of tracks and loved them but was torn away from my musical bliss before I could hear it in its entirety. I quickly placed Al into my schedule for the 365 so I didn’t have to wait much longer to satiate my appetite for more of the astounding lyrics and honest approach of this Maritime troubadour.

The Maritime slang of “loves the view” and “slappin’ the make on you” just feels like home for me.  I loves it!  Beautiful musical interlude between verses. Reminds me of the barfly crooning of Tom Waits or Bukowski.

None But Your Mother” is appealing to me greatly as I sit here on Christmas vacation just having left my Grandmother’s house and all it’s tasty, loving and nostalgic glory. I’m currently basking in the divine relaxation of my wife’s parents house and resting with a full belly of fresh cod, baked with love by my mother in-law. And, of course, I’m eagerly awaiting our visit to my own family and the unconditional love of my mother, who’s raised me since age 17, making her a mother for most of her life. This may sound sappy, but Tuck is dragging these emotions out of me and Al’s right, my mother does deserve a melody and some words.  I better get on that.

This is quite a heartfelt affair. A mother song, a daughter song. Thanks for showing us all it’s okay to be honest and emotional.

Hello, P.E.I” is a live recording that definitely requires a close listen to get the island in-jokes.

I’m nearing the end of this album and I already feel like it requires another listen.  It’s overwhelmingly beautiful and the lyrics are numerous and wonderful. To let them fully set in I will revisit this album the way I have to revisit my favourite lyricists. That’s right, I said it. Al Tuck is one of my favourite lyricists.

Highlights:  “Slapping the Make On You”      “Under Your Shadow


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