# 16. Black Molly: One Astonished Human

Black Molly was/is a one person band consisting of Alison Corbett playing  plethora of instruments including mini drum kit, organ, guitar, banjo, violin and more.  I’ve already listened to a lot of this album, but never did give it the full album, start to finish, listen.  Alison popped into my head after listening to Gillian Welch and I figured I should dig up some of her material.

I met Alison back in 06′ (I think) when she was hosting an original open mic in St. John’s and myself and good friend, Brad Lannon, ventured down to try out some material.  I was super impressed with her songs and with her performance of “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall,” with all lyrics intact (I think).  Not long after, she lent her talents to my former band’s debut album. Check out her violin playing on one of our tracks, “Going Over.”

This RPM recording is full of lo-fi singer songwriter gold.  The songs are eclectic in their variety and instrumentation.  I love her lyrics and delivery.  Give this album a listen folks.  From the foot stompin’ pop  of “Little City Big Time” and “Russian Poets” to gorgeous folk tunes like “Dirty Dynamite” and “Let It Hang.”  You can hear another hometown favourite of mine, Patrick Canning, lending harmonies on “Dirty Dynamite” and I plan to get to one of Pat’s albums very soon.

If you want to hear more of Alison/Black Molly, check out her myspace or catch her with The Burning Hell.

Highlights:  “Dirty Dynamite”  “Fly Me

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3 thoughts on “# 16. Black Molly: One Astonished Human

  1. Deadly! FYI: Alison did give a name to this album, it’s called “One Astonished Human”. I could hook you up with some album art if you’d like.

    • Awesome! thanks for the actual album title and yes, I’d love the album artwork! I’m looking forward to tackling your newest album soon. I love what I’ve heard from “Let’s Celebrate With Blood” and am looking forward to the full listen.


  2. Whoops! almost missed this response completely. Thanks Steve! Hope you dig my album thing, I’m gonna start a new one in a bit. Here’s a link to the cover to Ally’s album: http://www.mediafire.com/i/?h5ftssj7n5av0af

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