# 19: Bruce Springsteen: The River

I’ve never really given Bruce Springsteen a chance until 3 or 4 years ago. He was part of the music I had wrote off as a rebellious teen because my parents grew up listening to him. I’ve come to realize that their taste in music was not as bad as I once thought…oh the joys of not being a self obsessed teen.  I once made fun of my dad for idolizing the boss and singing John Prine tunes. I’ve now come to love both of these artists. I can still hold REO Speedwagon over his head though.

The River is fantastic. Amazing songs backed by an impeccable band. The horn sections, organ solos, beautiful harmonies, perfect piano, unmatched drumming and thumping bass and guitar make for one of the best collection of songs I’ve ever heard.  It’s hard to narrow down highlights here, but I’ll give it a try. Let it be a given that the hits from this album are worthwhile (“Hungry Hearts,” “The River,” “Independence Day” and “Cadillac Ranch“), so I’ll pick a couple of deeper cuts.


Highlights:  “Jackson Cage”  “The Price You Pay

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One thought on “# 19: Bruce Springsteen: The River

  1. lisa haley

    Not both parents loved Bruce Springstein, I think your father liked him more than I did. You can still hold REO speedwagon over his head. I don’t know if you remember listening to Roy Orbinson, but we played him quite frequently in the car. Maybe, you might give him a try. That one you can hang over my head.

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