# 77. The Sad Tax: Red Pearl Mountain

The Sad Tax seems to be a new monicker for the illusive experimenter of sound known as Patrick Canning.  Over the the last 5 or 6 years I’ve been following Pat’s various releases under his own name or under SUPERGOD!, all of which are highly artistic projects full of dark lyrics, cacophonous instrumentation and complex arrangements.  Pat’s music appeals to me in so many ways. It satisfies the dark and experimental musical urges that I stray away from or keep locked up in my bedroom.  These albums take me on a journey without any type of mood enhancers/alterers.

Red Pearl Mountain” is a pleasure to listen to. Kicking things off with the organ driven anthem “Everybody’s gonna have fun,” the album quickly shifts directions to snippets of what sound like streets and traffic, and on to instrumental soundscapes.I also have to mention that no one titles a song like Pat, with “The beach smells like obscenity” and “A young virginal captain’s boy has an unsavory journey” being just a couple of examples.

Comparable to no one, Mr. Canning has delivered another magnificent piece of musical art. Give it a listen, and while you’re at it, check out his other albums and his movie.

Highlights: “What do I gotta know”  “Orange Bathing Suit Abortion Metaphor

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